The New Single from Shawn Raiford!


Listen Now 30-Second Preview

With the release of his acclaimed 2020 debut album, Man with a Horn, Shawn Raiford presented to the world the intensity he has brought to audiences everywhere. Shawn Raiford and his band, The Shawn Raiford Experience, has performed for many years throughout Northern California. The title of his forthcoming new album says it all. The multi-talented, ever adventurous artist is ready to take The Next Step.

He lays the foundation with the sensual, hypnotic sounds of his new single, “Forever”, featuring the sultry vocals of Quintina Paris. The saxual driven groove provides an intoxicating yet sweet sax and vocal duality. Shawn Raiford’s passion for music has helped him bring together the key elements of “Forever” with veteran sax player, Andre Delano, providing backing saxes.

“Forever” is the first single from Shawn’s album, The Next Step. It was inspired by his admiration of Sade’s style of music. Hit producer Derek “DOA” Allen is once again at the helm of this track. Together Shawn Raiford, the owner of his own music label, Shawn Raiford Sax Productions LLC and Derek “DOA” Allen created a track perfect for radio airplay. With its memorable beats and polished work, it’s a wonderfully engaging track, reminding us that music, like love, is Forever.